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  • 26 March 2015 - 260320151
    When is the best time to sow foxglove seeds? (More)
    As soon as they are ripe in late summer, or otherwise in spring. (More)
  • 25 March 2015 - crankiemacker
    I'm wondering what the best hedge would be for screening? I've been thinking of Laurels, but believe... (More)
    Laurel is a perfectly good hedge and only invasive in woodland, or the Portugese laurel with smaller... (More)
  • 25 March 2015 - Ruddock
    Can you please tell me the name of this shrub and any tips on care? (More)
    This looks like stock, not a shrub but a short-lived perennial flower.Trim back the flowered shoots lightly... (More)
  • 24 March 2015 - issy
    I have to train a large Virginia creeper up a wall but I can't screw anything into the wall as it is... (More)
    Virginia creeper has its own little suction pads to attach itself to a wall and needs no support at all.Simply... (More)
  • 23 March 2015 - Seppie
    I would like to to know how to prune my Jade ( Crassula Ovata) plant ( tree ) ideally I would prefer... (More)
    It is easy to cut off or break off unwanted branches. It can be very handsome and even more tree-like... (More)
  • 22 March 2015 - Whitecastle
    Why would an Aucuba japonica suddenly begin to wilt? It has been in place for a few years. The leaves... (More)
    Aucuba can be affected by wind-rock which damages the roots, or by root diseases, such as honey fungus.Once... (More)
  • 22 March 2015 - Fuchsia
    Two of my raised beds have been taken over by a weed with a white root (see photo) that can run parallel... (More)
    Looks like the underground stems of bindweed. You can either:1 dig it all out carefully, 2 cover the... (More)
  • 21 March 2015 - 210320151
    I don't know if you can help have found a large amount of frogspawn on the side of the road and it is... (More)
    Sometimes frogs mistakenly laid spawn in shallow puddles that dry up. All you can do is transfer it to... (More)
  • 21 March 2015 - garfield1
    I was given 2 small roses in pots for Mothers Day. They came from Aldi. But there was no instructions... (More)
    Miniature roses are raised in greenhouses but are hardy and can be planted outdoors, placed where they... (More)
  • 20 March 2015 - smurf66
    I'm looking for advice on what type of plants I should plant in my border. It's facing the sea, about... (More)
    All depends on the space available but there are lots of plants for seaside, such as phormium, hebe,... (More)

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