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  • 19 July 2014 - Jenbug
    I have several holly-like plants appearing in the garden. This spring one flowered with beautiful yellow... (More)
    This shrub is Darwin's barberry, Berberis darwinii, native of South America where Charles Darwin came... (More)
  • 15 June 2014 - Danny500
    My father gave me this plant before Christmas and said it was a kumquat grown from seed of fruit sourced... (More)
    That looks like loquat, which is Eriobotrya japonica and can survive outdoors in a mild area with wall... (More)
  • 20 May 2014 - Culloville
    I have a problem each year with my lilac plants, in county Monaghan. The leaves turn brown and curl up... (More)
    Lilac can suffer form long-term honey fungus infection that can cause reduced growth and leaf loss. This... (More)
  • 20 May 2014 - 081020111
    I have I think a variety of Arbutus. it seems to be suffering in some way. im wondering if you can have... (More)
    The tree or large bush is Crinodendron, or Chinese lantern tree,not arbutus. It has red lantern-type... (More)
  • 7 March 2014 - 290320101
    How soon can I sow a new lawn? My rural garden is in County Laois. It is fairly well drained, and the... (More)
    Grass seed can be sowninany month, avoiding very wet or very dry spells, but April and September are... (More)
  • 21 February 2014 - Olwen Sheil
    We have an old apple orchard possibly 130 years old. we know the variety of some of the trees but not... (More)
    Old apple trees when the blow over are usually not completely uprooted and can often be successfully... (More)
  • 14 February 2014 - polo
    Wisteria is well established, growing along a fence, c 30 m long, straggly & bits are somewhat bare at... (More)
    Wisteria can be pruned lightly, to keep it to size,in late July and August, cutting back all long whippy... (More)
  • 31 December 2013 - Noelfitz
    Recently in 'The Irish Garden' I saw a recommendation to prune a daphne. I had always believed any cutting... (More)
    No shrub needs to be pruned of necessity and daphne is the same, but the necessity is very unlikely with... (More)
  • 3 December 2013 - Culloville
    I need a fast growing, hardy, evergreen screening hedge for a location in county Monaghan, very frosty... (More)
    Holly is the best bet or Scots' pine if there is plenty of space, or a mixture of the two as the pine... (More)
  • 28 November 2013 - fran m
    Two years ago I damaged the bark on this tree in September, it bled badly and the leaves browned and... (More)
    Rhus is a good autumn colour tree and should havebeen good this year. It always flowers best on dry,... (More)

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