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  • 9 February 2016 - MarkoD
    I recently got a dog. My garden is blocked from the sun for the majority of the day, with the recent... (More)
    The principle is: small garden-small dog, but failing that perhaps a dog-run can be made for the dog... (More)
  • 9 February 2016 - Grafeldies
    I got 2 Pittosporum evergreen shrubs last year. They are in pots outside the front door and are very... (More)
    That is exposure. These were young plants and soft from the nursery, and may have gone dry at the root... (More)
  • 5 February 2016 - christyL
    We have a topiary tree with inner frame in the shape of a horse. It's probably about 10 years old now. Is... (More)
    At ten years old, it is well established and would be tricky to lift and move successfully due to inevitable... (More)
  • 2 February 2016 - jenifertag
    My box hedge which surrounds the vegetable patch has recently been infected with blight. i am treating... (More)
    Box blight will have no effect on potatoes or potato blight, except that damp air promotes both diseases.The... (More)
  • 31 January 2016 - AF82
    Is lime good for lawns at start of year.Have 1 acre of lawn which looks weak and mossy in patches.What... (More)
    Lime helps grass if the soil is very acidic, not otherwise.Agricultural fertilizer is cheaper but don't... (More)
  • 26 January 2016 - sylvester
    Repotted in large terracotta planter after purchase last year, using John Innes 3 medium. Should it... (More)
    Water enough to keep just moist, especially from April to October, and feed in that period 3 or 4 times... (More)
  • 26 January 2016 - Amos13
    I successfully propagated a number of hydrangea and roses from stems last year, however they all got... (More)
    While root cuttings are suitable for some plants, hydrangeas and roses are best taken as s... (More)
  • 24 January 2016 - hefferta
    I need to build up the level of my garden by 0.5m, how do i do this?I'm starting my garden from scratch... (More)
    To build up the soil level, use good topsoil and firm it a little so that it does not settle badly later.... (More)
  • 22 January 2016 - 220120161
    I have two types of Agapanthus blue and white the White one is growing down to the ground while the blue... (More)
    The blue kind are stronger in general than white and you might try some feeding for the white one, using... (More)
  • 20 January 2016 - Maria C
    Can you use Wood Briquette ash in the border? (More)
    Any kind of wood ash is beneficial, containing useful amounts of potash nutrient.Use it as a light scatter... (More)

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